About Us

The concept of services to add values in our hospitals.

A fully equipped University Hospital

A hospital in Um Medical Park at Aydin University in Istanbul, which combines the academic approach of Aydin University with an understanding of VM inspired by the term value-added medicine, aims to achieve excellence in healthcare with its patient-oriented approach, expert staff and advanced technology infrastructure .

The hospital opened in March 2017, VM Medical Park Hospital at Aydın University in Istanbul develops its practices in the field of healthcare services in the region through specialists in academic healthcare, technological infrastructure and quality of services that include privileges of Liv Livcept approach. Being the first series of VM approach in Istanbul, the hospital provides public health care services.

Our Vision

We aim to be a global reference institution based on the continuous improvement of our employees, our healthcare approach that meets global standards, and our scientific contributions.

Our Mission

Work to ensure a healthy life for everyone.

Our Values
  • We value humanity, our principle is to be the trustworthy of the sick.
  • All of our services make a difference.
  • We believe deeply in the scientific approach and in continuous improvement.
  • Our team is brilliant, and it is geared towards the goal and success.
  • Our professional principles and ethics are amalgamated.


  • Bed more then 100
  • Operation Room 13
  • Outdoor Clinic 92
  • The Space 51.000

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Welcome to Medical Park Hospital, how can we serve you.
Welcome to Medical Park Hospital, how can we serve you.