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There are many factors that affect a healthy life, such as environmental pollution, stress and stress, poor eating habits and genetic risks, many of which appear in the form of various diseases. Therefore, it must provide protection from diseases and provide a diagnosis of pre-existing diseases in order to obtain a healthy life that can be applied at  Medical Park Florya Hospital. In the periodic examination center, types of risks that are related to gender, feeding habits, or types of disease risks that can occur according to the types of genetic causes are identified and researched, in addition to providing a genetic analysis and genetic map for early detection of diseases.

Our goal is to take the necessary measures before the onset of the disease and to provide the person with an adequate healthy life. According to these methods, it is possible to early diagnosis of the types of diseases of the current era, such as carotid artery diseases, cancers, high blood pressure and many other types of diseases, as the correct diagnosis leads to obtaining a high quality life.

Your health is highly valued! Don’t let her have a chance in your life …

Check up is a general physical health examination of healthy individuals and screening of an possible diseases early diagnosis that have not caused any complaints up to now. Having a check up is taking care of yourself and health. Early diagnosis is extremely important in some diseases  especially in cancer. For this reason, early diagnosis of such diseases increases the success of the treatment as a result of check up scans.

Early awareness and treatment in every department and disease of medicine will increase the life quality as well as life time of the individual.The tests that must be included in a standard check-up control are as follows; blood count, blood tests that assess organ functions (liver, kidney, etc.), sedimentation, cholesterol and lipid levels, thyroid (goiter), urinalysis, whole abdominal ultrasonography, pulmonary graphy, electrocardiography and scanning of stool in blood.

In addition to the tests which everybody above the age of 40 should have, we recommend the following tests to be performed even if there is not an inherited risk; eye examination, cardiological examinations and additional examinations for cancer scanning. Those who have inherited risks should not wait for the age of 40 in order to have these tests. Those who are at the risk category must have the additional tests starting from their 30’s.

Another purpose of having a check-up is to determine the possible disease risks that are carried with age, sex, cigarette smoking, and hormonal periods particularly in women (such as fertility-menostasis), to research the diabetes, coronary artery disease, seizure and cancer risks that are sourcing from family history.

Additional check-up examinations for those who have a coronary artery disease risk sourcing from family are as follows; HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, effort test and echocardiography. Women who have cancer history in their families must receive the following procedures once a year; PAP smear test, breast ultrasonography, mammography, respiratory function tests and computer tomography. Men who have a cancer history in their families must have the following procedures once a year; prostate-specific antigen, respiratory function test and computer tomography.

It’s very important for every healthy individual to have a check-up once a year. Take care of yourself, have check up, be aware of your health.

At Medical Park Florya Hospital, your periodic health checks up are prepared with your specialist doctor with special programs, which are suitable for your age, gender, occupation and living standards, accompanied by check-up consultant.

Our check-up programs

Check-up Packages of Medical Park Florya Hospital that are prepared by our physicians in accordance with the age, sex, profession and life standards of the individual, are applied to the patient who required the check-up.

  • Cardiology Check Up
  • Standart Check Up
  • Under 40 years old Male Check Up
  • Over 40 Years Old Male Check Up
  • Under 40 Years Old Female Check Up
  • Over 40 Years Old Female Check up
  • VIP Male Check Up
  • VIP Female Check Up
  • Economic Check Up

* You can have this check up program at Medical Park Florya hospital.

Things to do before having check-up:

Attending to check up program with following up the information provide the below will ensure that your examinations are completed in a shorter time and more accurate results are come out.

  • Make sure to make an appointment in advance before attending to check-up.
  • We kindly ask you to come to our Center on the day and time that you have an appointment for check-up. Your examinations and tests will be completed by noon.
  • Bring the tests and other examination results that are performed previously (last 6 months)
  • Make sure to come in the morning without eating and drinking anything ((8-12 hours of fasting is enough) on the day of the appointment. Do not smoke.
  • Stop taking vitamins and nutritional supplements except those ones are absolutely told necessary to be taken by your doctor 48 hours before your check-up.
  • Make sure that you haven’t consumed flatulent things such as raw vegetables, legumes, fruit, dairy foods, corbonated and cola drinks, etc. one day before your check up,  and do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Bring the names and dosages of the drugs you use with you.
  • If you are pregnant or if there is a possibility of pregnancy, inform the physician before starting with the procedures.
  • Put on comfortable clothes, and especially if you have a stress ECG in your program, bring a outfit that suits the run (such as tracksuits or shorts, rubber shoes).
  • For female, it is recommended that the check-up does not coincide with the menstrual days.

Procedures that will be performed during check-up;

  • Implementation of  laboratory examination
  • Internal medicine examination where comprehensive health information is collected,
  • Implementation of  the examinations of other fields in accordance with the content of the check-up,
  • Implementation of  radiological examinations,
  • Catering and recreation
  • Assessment of medical processes and results,
  • Arrangement and conclusion of the check-up report
  • You will be accompanied by our hostess during all these procedures.

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