Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases

The Child Health and Diseases Clinic contains doctors specialized in the field available 24/7, where continuous health care services are provided without interruption for all ages from infancy to 18 years in the form of diagnostic and treatment methods that are compatible with the needs of children.

In the pediatric clinic, verification of healthy children is provided in addition to follow-up vaccination, in addition to providing treatments in the best way in cases of early childbirth, childbirth with problems or in the case of providing care services in the intensive care unit for newborns.

Istanbul Aiden University Hospital in. M. Medical Park Florya provides services in all child health issues, including specialties and side branches.

Pediatric surgery

The Department of Pediatric Surgery deals with all surgeries in children from infancy to adolescence between the ages (0-14) The department provides correction and follow-up of birth defects whether they are known before birth or that appear after birth where pediatricians use comfortable methods and methods It is not painful for children and that will not cause any kind of damages in the psychological development of children.

Heart disease in children

Unlike adults, most types of heart disease that appear in childhood are in the form of congenital heart disease. In this section, services are provided to monitor congenital and acquired types of heart disease in addition to surgical and diagnostic procedures such as fetal and child echocardiography applications and stress tests, holter monitoring tests, magnetic resonance electrocardiography, interventions and other diagnostic applications.

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