General Surgery Center

General Surgery Center

Advanced laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery technique with limited intervention or method of surgery
Closed according to the common name. With the development of technology, laparoscopic surgery began to be used in gallbladder, pancreas, lung, hepatic, stomach and intestinal surgeries, providing the opportunity for recovery in a short time. Bleeding is less in laparoscopic surgery compared to open surgery, and surgery is applied with less surgical incisions, thus providing cosmetic advantages.

Areas of use

  • Cancer surgeries
  • Obesity surgery
  • Endocrine surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery features less pain
  • The risk of infection is lower
  • Safer surgery
  • Smaller wounds
  • Quick recovery
  • Shorten stay in hospital
  • Quickly return to work and everyday life
  • Rectal diseases

The Department of Rectal Diseases has recently started to appear in our country where it is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the large intestine (colon), the rectum (the last section of the large intestine near the anus) and the anal canal (anal area). The range of diseases of the rectum includes many diseases, ranging from hemorrhoids to anal fissures, and rectal (intestine hernia) colon and rectal cancer.

Surgical digestive system diseases

Treatments are applied using limited intervention methods such as thoracoscopy and laparoscopic surgery from the abdomen to provide patient comfort and without compromising the rules of cancer surgery. Provides treatment for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, which is considered a disease of the times and affects a large part of society, where treatment is carried out with the help of laparoscopy surgery, which reduces the risk of cancer and improves the quality of life of the patient. Colorectal surgery clinic

The General Surgery Clinic at Istanbul Aydın University Hospital provides. M Medical Park Florya The possibility of treatments with more comfort, safety and ease with the possibility of a faster recovery for patients with colon and rectal cancer known as gastrointestinal cancer through the application of surgeries using laparoscopes. The technological excellence of laparoscopic surgery and the treatment services provided by our specialized team at international levels are among the reasons why the clinic is preferred. The Department of General Surgery at Istanbul Aydin University Hospital in. M.Medical Park Florya not only provides treatment to patients, but also provides information with the aim of providing a new direction in life.

Endocrine surgery

Today, thyroid and parathyroid disease surgeries can be performed from small surgical incisions with nerve monitoring techniques to protect vocal cords and various limited intervention methods. Treatment of adrenal tumors is performed with laparoscopic surgery according to thinking about the patient’s comfort and in order to obtain high-level cosmetic results for patients. The Endocrine Surgery Center provides diagnostic and treatment services by bringing together specialists in general surgery, nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology.

Breast surgery

Istanbul University Hospital Aiden believes in. M. Medical Park Floria on the importance of early life diagnosis in breast surgery. Istanbul Aiden University Hospital is distinguished. M. Medical Park Florya with powerful technological diagnostic techniques through ultrasound methods, mammography and positron emission tomography where it stands out with multidisciplinary applications in this field. The Department of Breast Surgery provides services through a team of doctors composed of specialists in radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery and psychiatry. Istanbul University Hospital Aiden believes in. M. Medical Park Florya is of vital importance for early diagnosis in successful treatment of breast diseases. The hospital is equipped with a number of important diagnostic tools including the latest ultrasound devices, mammography and positron emission tomography.

Department of General Surgery, University Hospital Istanbul Aiden. M. Medical Park Florya not only provides treatment to patients, but also provides information with the aim of providing a new direction in life. “

Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Clinic

Obesity is one of the biggest diseases of our time as it is not only an aesthetic problem but also one of the obstacles to a healthy quality life. The obesity clinic that provides services as one of the sub-specialties of the Department of General Surgery provides the application of gastric bypass surgery method also known as “permanent slimming method” which provides the possibility of losing 70% of weight by reducing the stomach. In this method that begins to give results in 6 months with full results appearing at the end of 18 months, obese patients take a step towards a new life by following up with the psychiatrist and dietician before and after the surgery. Success rates of up to 90% are also achieved in treating type 2 diabetes.

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