Liver Transplant Center

Liver Transplant Center

The liver is the largest and most important organ in the body, as it is important for many vital functions. The liver has many functions.

  1. Choosing the materials necessary for the body to store the nutrients we take in food and to produce the necessary proteins in order to ensure a normal life cycle.
  2. Build bile acid needed to digest food and the digestive system.
  3. Remove harmful substances carried by other systems in the body.
  4. Fight infection and build the necessary factors to stop bleeding that occurs in any part of the body.

Liver transplant from a deceased donor

The concept of deceased donor liver transplantation is that it is the process in which an organ is transferred from a deceased donor. The first goal to increase the number of organ transplants from a deceased donor should be to increase the number of organ transplants. Identify the deceased donor, care, and family, starting with emergency appeal and organ-providing organizations, and ending with a good job in the operating room. In this sense, transplant coordinators and community education about organ donation have amajor role in the family as well as interviews and organ donation issues.

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Liver transplant and waiting list

Today, almost all countries face an increasing number of liver failure in patients who do not have an average of organs from deceased donors. Our country is unfortunately in the last row in the supply of organs from deceased donors. According to 2009 data, there are approximately 5,000 patients with liver disease. While in our country, between 200 and 250 liver transplants are performed from a deceased donor and between 300 and 350 from a living donor annually. Patients are expected to lose their lives each year if there is an average wait of 8-10%.


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October 3, 2021

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  1. Luka

    Best liver transplant department I found in Istanbul. They took great care of us


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