Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

The Department of Medical Oncology provides the use of chemotherapy in the treatment of many types of cancers such as brain tumors, lung tumors, prostate, large intestine, rectum, stomach, pancreas, breast, liver, gallbladder, head, neck, kidney, and gynecological cancers. Chemotherapy or tumor elimination can be applied with drug therapy by means of a drug that is applied intravenously, from the hip muscle, from the mouth, or from the inside of the abdomen. The important point in chemotherapy is protecting the patient from the side effects of chemotherapy while applying effective treatment. In addition, goal-oriented and immunotherapy treatments are applied. The Department of Medical Oncology at Istanbul Aydın University Hospital provides. M. Medical Park Florya applied chemotherapy by oncologists who specialize in the field to provide patient protection in chemotherapy, prevent the spread of cancer, slow the spread of cancer and clean up remaining tumors after surgery and radiotherapy.

High temperature chemotherapy during the procedure

High-temperature chemotherapy during the procedure is hot chemotherapy applied directly to the abdomen during surgery. Unlike systemic chemotherapy that is generalized / spread throughout the body, high-temperature chemotherapy during the process penetrates only cancer cells directly into the abdomen. With this method, higher doses of chemotherapy can be applied. The heating / warming of the solution increases the rate of absorption of chemotherapy drugs into cancer cells after surgery, and provides the elimination of remaining cancer cells with microscopic dimensions in the abdomen.

Individual cancer treatment

All characteristics are of great importance to treatment including the patient’s genetic characteristics, age and gender. The Cancer Center at Istanbul Aydın University Hospital provides. M Medical Park Floria apply treatments taking into account all of these properties.
The Cancer Center provides the adoption of a person’s treatment approach through individualized cancer treatment. Istanbul Aiden University Hospital contains. M. Medical Park Florya on cancer surgery where intensive care is of the utmost importance in this regard. Where the patient is discharged from the hospital in a short time through the expertise of the medical staff and the lack of high-level intensive care and the availability of appropriate technological capabilities. Family members are also identified as being at risk of cancer by examining the family at the center.

Effective treatment methods in cancer control

  • Radiation oncology.
  • Nuclear medicine.
  • Radiation therapy.

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  1. Alex

    Finished immunotherapy here. I’m all healthy now! Thank you all

  2. Tawfik Nawzad

    My wife suffers from stomach cancer… and now she is being treated in one of the countries… Question
    How much does it cost to process?
    And the time required to process it


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