Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

The department of radiation oncology at the University of Istanbul Aiden aims at. M. Medical Park Florya to destroy the tumor using ionizing radiation. The department works in coordination with the surgical branches and specializes in medical oncology. Radiation therapy is applied as part of treatment in nearly 80% of patients diagnosed with cancer by making an optimal treatment decision.

Radiotherapy is carried out using high-tech devices using special fixatives. High-energy X-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, or protons are used as the radiation source. The techniques of applying radiotherapy are divided into external radiotherapy, topical radiotherapy and radio surgery.

External radiation therapy

It is the treatment in which the patient is placed on a flat treatment table with radiation shed and a tumor targeted. It is used to treat tumors in any part of the body. The patient does not experience any pain or sensation of heat during treatment. The treatment is applied in the form of daily sessions about 15 minutes a day. The radiation oncologist decides the number of sessions to be applied. Possible side effects of treatment vary depending on the location and region being treated. However, it is usually a well tolerated treatment.

Topical radiotherapy

Topical radiotherapy is the irradiation technique that is done by temporarily placing radioactive sources into the body cavities or between tissues. The application is made before or after external radiotherapy or individually applied in the form of high doses of a localized area. Treatment provides the ability to better control the tumor while reducing the possibility of side effects from normal tissues due to the low dose being applied to sensitive tissues around the tumor. Topical radiation therapy is often used in cervical and endometrial cancer.

Radiation surgery

Radiosurgery is one of the modern techniques in the treatment of radiation oncology, as its aim is to completely destroy the tumor of the specified size by applying a very high dose in one or several sessions. There are a variety of devices that can make this app. The doctor decides whether the patient is eligible for this treatment.

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