Stroke Center

Stroke Center

Stroke patients should be treated at the center of the stroke.
The limited time in treating acute stroke patients requires the necessity of a rapid and comprehensive evaluation and organization of the hospital, which provides the possibility to start treatment immediately and the work of a specialized team with experience in this field. This is possible in “stroke centers” established for this purpose. The Stroke Center at Istanbul University Hospital is Aydin in. M Medical Park Florya is one of the most important pillars in this field, both in terms of emergency patient treatment and early rehabilitation treatments.

What is a stroke?

Stroke is a condition that occurs when the flow of vital blood and oxygen to the brain is suddenly interrupted or decreased due to a blockage of blood vessels. Sometimes it occurs in the form of bleeding in the brain tissue. The cells in the region where the blood flow is interrupted begin to die quickly and temporary or permanent damage occurs to the functions performed from the area where the stroke occurs, meaning that paralysis occurs.

Stroke treatment is a race against time

Opening the blocked vessels as quickly as possible prevents the death of brain cells and prevents damage. Rapid treatment in stroke means early and rapid recovery.

Vein solvent solvent

It is the application of a drug treatment to provide melting of thrombosis into a vein, which may be useful if it can be applied during the first 4.5 hour period after the onset of symptoms of a stroke.


This therapeutic method is applied, similar to opening a blocked artery in a heart attack, through vascular imaging of the femoral vein, where special retractable stents are used to provide excretion outside the vein. This method should be applied very quickly in the first 6 hours after a stroke. In late cases, rescue can be done through special brain imaging exams only. This method can be applied until the first 24 hours after the stroke in patients who have areas of the brain where the damage did not occur.

Patient and stroke imaging center services are provided to patients through many branches and specialties. The stroke team consists of specialists in Neurology, Interventional Neurological Diseases, Interventional Neuroradiography, Stroke Specialized Nursing Staff, NeuroVascular Technicians, Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist, Physiotherapist, Language and Speech Specialist, Swallowing and Working Life. This team works closely with specialists in emergency medicine, neurosurgery, anesthesia, resuscitation, cardiology and radiology.

The main treatments applied at the Cerebral Angiography and Stroke Center in cases of cerebrovascular disease patients:

  • Intravenous thrombolytic solvent (drug treatment for intravenous dissolution of thrombus).
  • Thrombectomy (angioplasty treatment).
  • Stent therapy is an effective way to prevent stroke recurrence as it is applied in cases of narrowing of the carotid artery and narrowing of the vessels and other vessels that provide brain nourishment.
  • Treatment is based on entering the artery and crossing the narrow segment so that the narrowing is expanded through the wire mesh known as the stent.

In cerebrovascular disease

Treatment for aneurysm (bubble) is based on access to the venous bubble that has formed deep in the brain through angiography without touching brain tissue to provide filling of the bubble cavity or closing the bubble using stents.
Venous arteriovenous malformations and venous arteriovenous fistulas that may cause bleeding in the brain are treated as they are treated with angiography treatments to prevent first or recurrent bleeding in the future.

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