Hair Transplant Center

Hair Transplant Center

Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of thinning and baldness in people who suffer from hair loss or hair loss. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles by microsurgical methods in areas where hair follicles are no longer active and baldness occurs is called hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation, the patient’s healthy hair is added to the spilled area. Hair transplantation is completely personalized and applied. With hair transplantation, hair follicles resistant to hair loss are collected at the back of the patient and transplanted into open channels in the thin or completely spilled parts. Goal; It is to give the appearance of permanent hair naturally, which is not known to be implanted in the head area.

Hair transplantation is actually a small surgery. For this reason, it is the safest way to have this done in a hospital environment by specialized and experienced doctors and teams. With the application of hair transplantation, the person gains permanently as if his hair has never fallen out. Our goal in hair transplantation. It is to provide a person with a comfortable natural hair look with modern medical applications.

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October 10, 2021

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