Organ Transplantation Center

Organ Transplantation Center

The organ transplantation center of Istanbul Aydın University Hospital continues in. M. Medical Park Florya in providing services and activities with the aim of reaching the location of one of the reference organ transplant centers in Turkey through the concept of high-standard services, specialized staff and equipping with technological technology equipment. Kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation is done at the organ transplant center.

The Center for Organ Transplantation is distinguished by its interdisciplinary structure through the concept of joint and collaborative work between the departments of surgery and the internal and the organ transplant coordinators. The team is distinguished by long experiences in the field (about 5,000 kidney transplants, 1,000 and liver transplants) as the team provides quick solutions to patients’ health problems, whether in operations or in follow-up, while providing a high rate of survival in operations. The center provides the difference by embedded organ transplantation in cases of patients who need more than one organ transplant.

For pediatric patients, the hospital contains subspecialties of kidney disease in children and gastroenterology in children, and follow-up is provided in the early post-operative period in the intensive care units for children.

The center is characterized by high technology, providing high-quality services to local patients and foreign patients through a specialized team in the field.

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  1. Riad

    Highly recommend, great medical care all throughout


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